Decision to get a port


My 5th Administration of chemo does not go well.  The veins I have been so pleased with, have let me down. Finding them is getting more difficult.  It started with very hard veins and needles bending (session 3) now my veins just blow out air instead of taking in fluids.  It takes many attempts in various veins to find one suitable to take the IV.  Because my lumpectomy was on the left hand side, chemo is always administered via the right arm. I do not therefore have the luxury of alternating arms. I am surprised that the administration is getting harder – I thought it would get easier.

The 5th session is made worse by a very painful muscle cramp in my arm, my dear Tim massages my arm while I sit in the chair.  The administration takes 7 hours during which my arm cramps painfully the entire time.

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