I’m loving my Fitbit Charge 2 and have a Fitbit Alta that you could win!

Fabulous Prize just sorry I am do late in entering!

Lipgloss is my Life

We all know I’m a big Fitbit fan. You can read all about my experience with my elegant-looking Alta over here. However, I’m a fickle girl and my affair with that dude’s since been eclipsed by a new friend and that’s the Fitbit Charge 2. Hoekom? It’s got a heart rate monitor, yo!

Wearing a heart rate monitor that isn’t a fiddly chest strap is a total joy that’s taken my fitness journey to the next level. Aside from the fact that I now get a more accurate read on the kilojoules I burn, I most love that I can score even more points – which means even more free coffees – with Discovery Health’s Vitality programme. For example, the Alta would pick up that I’d gone for a 30 minute run and give me 100 points for that. But, on days that I’m hung like a donkey and…

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