Review: Filorga Eyes-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Ageing eye cream

Sounds Fabulous, thanks for the great write-up

Lipgloss is my Life

French beauty brand Filorga have recently launched a new eye cream and this one’s rather nice. I wasn’t in love with their existing eye cream as it was packaged in a jar and, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I don’t like cosmetics that expose it’s actives to air. The newbie, however, Eyes-Absolute (R840 at, lives in an air-tight tube so already we’re off to a good start. It also sports a ‘cyro-applicator’, a very fancy word for what’s essentially a metal tip that lends application a cooling-sensation that, Filorga reckons, will help the product better penetrate your skin.

Promise-wise, it aims to help minimise the look of fine lines and dark circles while improving firmness, ‘brightness’ and the condition of your lashes.

Filorga Eyes-Absolute Filorga Eyes-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Ageing eye cream

As far as lines go, my first line of defence has always been what I consider the most effective…

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