Review: Rebound by Aga Lesiewicz

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I used to be an avid reader. I use the past tense because nowadays life is too hectic to unwind with a good book, unless I’m editing it. Growing up, I was a shy and timid child and my one true escape was through reading, romance novels and thrillers in particular.I remember my mom used to be worried about me not making friends, to her hanging out indoors every day, getting lost in the pages of a book wasn’t healthy. I didn’t care, through the books I’ve read I could escape to a world that was mine, where I’m the heroine, the one that got the happy ever after.

One of the reasons I don’t really read novels or thrillers anymore is my haste to finish it. I can’t read a book over a few days as I’m curious about the ending. Funny enough, my mom is the same. A…

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