I’m feeling the love this Valentine’s Day thanks to Lush

Awesome! Products look Fabulous 💟

Lipgloss is my Life

Oh, Lush. How I love you so. And it looks like the feeling is mutual ‘cos they sent me the sweetest-smelling li’l gift pakkie to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s definitely helped take the edge off the fact that I’m almost 36 and probably going to die alone. But at least I’ll smell great! No rancid cat litter and half empty vodka bottles for me. (Okay, maybe a few vodka bottles…)

Feeling the love with Lush. Feeling the love with Lush.

Now, let’s break thispakkie down, shall we?

First up, Prince Charming shower cream (R175 for the 250ml bottle, a 100ml is pictured), my favourite item of the lot, is an ultra luxe, hydrating creamilicious body wash imbued with a host of natural loveliness like pomegranate juice and marshmallow root and vanilla pod infusion. To me, it smells just like a sugared marshmallow but isn’t sickeningly sweet in the least and I love how it…

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