#AlwaysBounceBackSA-Neutrogena&Beauty Bulletin

Awesomeness! I’m thrilled that firstly I can definitely see the results of the skincare regime! However I used a Neurogenic eye cream around 10 or so years ago and it had a horrific toll on my eyes, fir approximately 3 months it looked as though I had water sacks that were hanging on my checks it was so bad so I haven’t been anywhere near their range since then! Thrilled it’s worked for you! My Grand Mother only ever used Ponds Cold Cream on her Skin and up until she passed away in 1993 she had a wrinkle free skin! There are so many options out there nowadays, it’s almost mind boggling!


As you get older you realise how important good skin care really is. My mom is 66 and doesn’t even have wrinkles but she has never used a “good” skin care regime whereas I can feel the wrinkles creeping up and I’m not even half her age. I’ve used the Neutrogena range before and I’ve been quite happy with the results so I didn’t hesitate to send in my details when Beauty Bulletin were looking for individuals to put the new Hydra Boost range to the test.

img_2632 Hydro Boost Micellar water, gel cleanser and water gel moisturizer

I have normal skin but it’s dehydrated. That basically mean there’s a lack of water in the stratum corneum, which is the top layer of the skin. I’m not a fan of drinking water at all nor do I follow a healthy diet and it affects my skin overall. Bear in mind that…

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