Soweto Wine Festival by a teetotaler


I shouldn’t have gone to the Soweto Wine Festival.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it but because my doctor said so. Two days before the night I was set to grace the event I got a nasty throat infection which meant I would be a grumpy troll with a husky voice until my throat was healed to a point where I could swallow anything besides the 13 boxes of of Mageu I stocked up to get me through the week (I apologise to any residents of Tembisa who couldn’t get a hold of any Mageu from Neo’s Fast Food on the 2nd of March, it is I who finished what remained of the stock.)

My health woes were the least of my worries though, a primary one being that I don’t meet the minimum requirements of a wine festival goer. Two years ago I took of vow of sobriety…

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