BeautyBlender celebrates 15 years with Bubble, Arden launches Eight Hour hydrating mist and Skinderm pure exfoliating glo pads get a thumbs up

I’ve always wanted to try the beauty blender but heck expensive! One can always rely on Elizabeth Arden their products are amazing especially their 8 hour range; – the hydrating pads never heard of but sound fab!

Lipgloss is my Life

There are loads of imitations but there’s only one BeautyBlender, the world’s first egg-shaped foundation sponge. It’s ‘exclusive material’ ensures your product isn’t absorbed and remains on its surface before being transferred to your face so you end up with minimum wastage and a finish that’s nothing short of fabulous.

To celebrate the fact that the brand’s now fifteen years old (OMG, I feel old!) it’s launched a new limited edition baby pink sponge, inspired by pink champagne, that they’ve christened Bubble.

Hello Bubble, you li’l beauty!

If Bubble’s calling your name, you’ll be glad to know you can find her (of course she’s a girl!) in Placecol’s online store for R405. They stock the full line up including the micro mini, beauty blusher, body blender and more.

Moving on, there was big news from Arden earlier. They’ve announced Reese Witherspoon as their new ‘storyteller-in-chief’. To be honest, I’m not…

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