Review: Eau Thermale Avene mattifying fluid

The best by far #avene_sa & #lipglossgirl

Lipgloss is my Life

I’m still working my way through the first batch of goodies Avene gave me and I’ve made good friends with Eau Thermale Avene mattifying fluid (R239, Dis-chem).

IMAG4551 Hello hun bun!

A hydrating but ultra-lightweight fluid, its ideal for peeps like me who’ve got an combination skin and are looking for ways to moisturise without aggravating oilies. Ingredients-wise, it makes use of Avene’s soothing spring water and glycerin to hydrate and includes a calming licorice extract.

As far as mattifying goes, they’re using a particular polymer that’s able to absorb oil without drying your skin while having an ultra-mild primer-like effect. They’ve got the amount just right so there’s no powdery finish or a tightening sensation no matter how much of it you use. This also means it plays nicely with anything I layer on top of it, be it sunscreen or foundation.

I took it with me to the Port…

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