Surprise! Zando stocks a lot more beauty brands than I imagined and many of them are local as well as lekker

Fabulous Products

Lipgloss is my Life

Zando sent me a bunch of beauty goodies the other day and it was a bit of an eye opener. I had no clue they stocked such a variety and many of them are lekker local gems like Skoon, Lulu & Marula and Milk Solutions.


I haven’t tried everything yet and might not have the time but so far I’m impressed with Lulu & Murula’s naartjie lip balm (R59). It’s a handmade, natural mix of Shea butter with marula and avocado oils and smells exactly like naartjies!

Yum! Instant ‘Saffa summer’ vibes on my lips.

I also really like the Akan Organics Shea butter whip (R159). Again, it’s a handmade, all natural formula made using organic raw Shea butter from Ghana and coconut, macadamia nut and sweet almond oil.

Winter dryness busted!

While it’s been whipped so it looks mousse-like in the jar, it’s actually more of a balm…

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