Review: Catrice The Precious Copper eye shadow palette

It’s an awesome palette! Got to get one

Lipgloss is my Life

Catrice sent a few newbies the other day but the real stand out was The Precious Copper eye shadow palette.

Catrice The Precious Copper palette

Being a blue-eyed girl, warm natural hues always make my eyes pop so from a shade perspective it’s a win. I also really liked that the colour selection. Most of the shades are different enough from the other to justify their existence. (In the past Catrice and Essence have put out palettes where I felt too many shades were too similar. You don’t really need four variations of cream, right?)

The contour and highlight shade are on the left followed by the shadows.

I also like that each shadow, which has a satin finish, is super duper soft and nicely pigmented so they stroke on like magic and are easy to blend. Catrice has also included a ‘highlighting’ shade and ‘contouring’ shade. These are no…

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