I went swatch crazy with GOSH Cosmetics AND I’m giving away a hamper of them worth of R700

Oh GOSH – YES YOU DID LEIGH, and they are all stunning! You look fabulous! I would love to be the luckily recipient of your GOSH COSMETICS STASH 😘🌷

Lipgloss is my Life

PETA-approved, pocket friendly and yet top quality, there’s lots to love about Danish beauty brand GOSH Cosmetics (exclusive to Edgars and Red Square). I was recently sent a bunch of their goodies to play with and, for me, the stars of the show have to be their Forever Shadow eye shadow sticks (R160).

They’re available in both matte and metallic finishes.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’ve mentioned my love of these guys before. The pigmentation is great, they glide on like a dream and then stay put. If you’ve got oily-combo skin like me, however, use a primer beforehand. This way, whatever look you create will sit tight from dusk til dawn with zero creasing.

Wanna get swatchy?

The mattes from left to right: Dark Grey, Dark Brown, Twisted Brown and Nougat.


And now for the metallics: Green, Plum, Blue, Grey, Silver Rose (more of a pale…

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