Reviews: Eucerin Even Brighter Serum Concentrate, Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron and Avene Hydrance Optimale Soothing Hydrating serum

Great Review on all of the Products! I have the Base & top cost from Morgan Taylor as well as a fabulously bright pink called Tokyo Go Go! The Perfect Pink to wear to my Cuppa-For-Cans. I’m definitely going to give the Eucerin product a try out for pigmentation – I already have the avene_sa Hydrating Serum because of my skin being as dry as it Is! Thanks for the update!

Lipgloss is my Life

Eucerin have launched a new pigmentation-buster called Even Brighter Serum Concentrate (R499, Clicks and Dis-Chem).

Eucerin Even Brighter Serum Concentrate.

A serum to apply before your moisturiser, it promises to minimise the appearance of pigmentation in just four weeks.

Ingredients-wise, Eucerin is relying on B-Resourcinol, a safe and clinically proven ingredient, that helps inhibit the production of an enzyme called tyrosinase. When your skin creates melanin (pigment), tyronsinase is a vital “ingredient” to help cook it up, so using something that helps control its production can help it produce less pigment. For the record, B-Resourcinol also has antioxidant properties, so that’s a nice bonus.

In addition to the B-Resoucinol, Eucerin’s new serum also serves up a dose of glycyrrhetinic acid to help your skin repair itself, on a cellular level, from sun damage.

I’ve used the new concentrate for a few days now and, being oily-skinned, I’ve found I can…

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