My friend’s getting married and I’m pranking the mother of the bride to the point where I’ll probably burn in hell


Lipgloss is my Life

My beautiful Paige-y Paige is finally tying the knot with lovely hubby-to-be Duane.

Hola! Holaaaaaa!

When they’re not being mer-people, Paige and Duane like to eat spag bol so I had them round the another night and Paige handed me my official wedding invitation with a request to RSVP to her mom. Then, a glass of wine later, we cooked up an evil scheme to mess with her that starts with my heinously rude RSVP.

mail-1 Yoh! Also, WordPress degrades image quality terribly so if this is blurry just click on it and it’ll enlarge as well as look a lot more clear.

Once I hit send, I sat back and rubbed my wicked little hands with glee. How long would it take for her to realise I was joking? Or, would she totally take the bait and whip out a snippy e-mail letting me know that, no, I can’t wear a

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